Sunday, April 26, 2009

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  1. Hey Lakisha!! I think your wonderful!

  2. what up lekisha your songs am loving it..keep up the good work...hope to here more of you.

  3. Hey Lakesha, My name is Kymm and I skate on a Roller Derby League from Flint, MI. We're looking for a hometown hero to sing the national anthem for our first major bout in September and would be ever so humbled by your presence. It's taken us two years to get this league off the ground and know that you can truly appreciate the hard work and determination it takes to succeed in this town! We can't afford to pay you anything but our gratitude, but the City of Flint will flock in droves to hear your beautiful voice!! If this is remotely possible, please contact me at, or by phone at (810)780-4866... You have been an inspiration to us all!! Good Luck! and God Bless!!


  4. Lakisha love you!!! I'm a Brazilian fan! just got your cd on amazon but will take so long to get all way down here! wish you and your family all the best!!

  5. u do got good voice... love your album... FYI, I'm Malaysia,this part of the world (Borneo Island-Sarawak)might not aware of your album BUT the voice you got, is hard to ignore....

    I got and know your album thru internet and i check who is this Lakisha girl... then i remember=you are my fav at American Idol on that particular season.

    I really do love when you sing "You give good love" but i believe that song was sung by whitney Houston. Dear Lakisha girl=you bring that song so nice, i was touch by it... i started to like and be your fan... can I?

    here my email

  6. Hey Lakisha... What are you up tp these days?